19th Century French Renaissance Revival Open Bookcase

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90.5H x 100W x 18D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Renaissance Revival Open Bookcase is an amazing work of the sculptor's art!  From the boldly carved flared crown to the tailored base, it exhibits a dedication to the craft that is absolutely inspiring.  The crown features three tiers of beauty, with a spiral leaf pattern appearing above an egg & dart tier, which overlooks the lower tier festooned with full relief carvings of lovebirds flanking a basket of flowers immersed in a background of lush foliates, all rendered in full relief.  Three distinctive lion's heads appear on the corbels above the magnificently carved pilasters, each of which are also unique, combining flower and fruit baskets with caryatids, scrolled sconces and more lush foliates and fruits.  The lower section extends out from the wall a bit further, and includes heraldic crests providing a framework for the two sculptures depicting cherubs embracing a crown, indicative of the owner's royal lineage.  Three distinctive and unique pilasters appear below the crests, each set upon an acanthus sconce.  Even the faces of the shelves are carved with floral and foliate patterns!
An astounding masterpiece!
Circa 1850s
Measures 90.5H x 100W x 18D