19th Century French Renaissance Revival Painted Hunt Bookcase

2304-1877 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

100H x 57W x 25D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Renaissance Revival Painted Hunt Bookcase is a majestic reminder of a bygone era when it was a privilege to have an education, much less to be able to afford a bookcase and the books to go inside!  Crafted by master artisans from dense, old-growth oak, it has been artistically sculpted from the floral and foliate spray on the crown to the egg & dart base molding.  Subtle touches like dentil molding, laurel bundles carved into the astragals, and variations on egg & dart themes appearing on the middle surface edge and around the glazing, are just more examples of the care and artistry that went into the production of this work of sculpture.   With hand-rolled glass panes in the two doors above allowing one to display books or collectibles, one quickly notices that even the interior has been painted for a homogeneous visual appeal.  The corners above and below are mitered and adorned with foliate and fruit corbels, complementing the drawer tier carved in full relief across the front, with shells serving as handles.  The subtle painted finish in a pastel green coloration is enhanced by hints of brick red accenting the panel frames.  The most magnificent aspect, however, are the two door panels below, the left one celebrating a successful woodland hunt, and the right representing the bounty of the earth, both in magnificent full relief!
Circa 1850s
Measures 100H x 57W x 25D

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