19th Century Grand Flemish Renaissance Bookcase ~ Display Cabinet

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98.5H x 63W x 26D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Grand Flemish Renaissance Bookcase ~ Display Cabinet is a magnificent expression of the cabinetmaker's art!  Designed to be an impressive statement, it soars over eight feet tall, and features amazingly detailed molding and embellishments from the crown to the base.  Underneath the impressive crown molding above appears a tier of elaborate foliate scrollwork in deep full relief completely wrapping the facade, and punctuated on each corner and at the center with fierce lions' heads roaring their approval.  Each lion's head appears over a lavish della robia carved pilaster with fruit and foliage depicted with incredible realism, providing a framework for the pair of glazed doors.  A colonnade effect enhanced with wheat bordering surrounds the glazing, with the same motif used on the fronts of the shelves within for fine continuity.  The tree shelves are also adjustable, enhancing one's capabilities for display.  The lower tier consists of another tier of lavish scrollwork with lions' heads appearing across the front and even facing the sides, encompassing two drawers.  Below that, the same della robia sculptures on the pilasters which frame the two doors carved with geometric maze designs centered with a smiling visage at the center.  Doors open wide to reveal cavernous storage below, trimmed out by a multi-tiered base molding as the perfect finishing touch!
Circa 1870s
Measures 98.5H x 63W x 26D
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