19th Century Grand French Neoclassical Bookcase in Whitewashed Pine

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102H x 94.5W x 29D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Grand French Neoclassical Bookcase in Whitewashed Pine is a magnificent reminder of the grandeur of the classical movement that has maintained its relevance and popularity for thousands of years!  Measuring eight and a half feet tall by almost eight feet in width, it is comprised of two sections, the uppermost being open shelving for permanent display, with a step-front cabinet and drawer combination on the lower section for more discreet storage.  The shelves on the upper tier are adjustable to give you as many options as possible for display, while the cabinets below include shelves which, when combined with the four drawers, allow you to organize your items accordingly.  Old growth yellow pine, which some experts feel is as hard and durable as many "hardwoods", it is clear that a skilled cabinetmaker was involved in the craftsmanship.  A bold, multi-tiered crown molding overlooks the entire piece, and the subtle intricacies of the step-front design below, framed by a complex tier of molding above and spacious base molding below, are obviously a product of an inspired artisan.  Inset brass key guards on the cabinet doors allow one to leave a key in the lock to use as a pull, and turned wood knobs appear on the drawers for access.  The custom whitewashed finish is a product of our own in-house expert professionals.  Ideal for making an impressive statement, while serving in an incredibly useful capacity, while not being too pretentious!
Circa 1880s
Measures 102H x 94.5W x 29D
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