19th Century Liegoise Bookcase ~ Display Buffet in Stripped Oak

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95H x 59W x 22.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Liegoise Bookcase ~ Display Buffet in Stripped Oak is a magnificent example of the incredible craftsmanship for which the region has been known for centuries!  The graceful lines were crafted in the manner of Louis XIV, and include a subtly arched crown centered with a sculpted shell with floral and foliate surround.  The crown consists of a bonnet pierce-carved with shell and foliate motifs overlaid on glass for a stunning effect, continued around on each of the sides.  Below, the generously sized upper tier is glazed on all sides, including rounded glass on the cornerposts!  Shell and foliate overlay appear on the cornerposts as well as the center stile, providing an excellent view of the interior with its adjustable, finely molded shelves.  The base is a standard buffet configuration, with boldly molded crown and baseboard, with two drawers and two cabinet doors, all lavished with the sculptor's art depicting complementary shell, floral and foliate motifs, with the cabinet doors being exceptional examples of exquisite craftsmanship.  The entirety is adorned with finely detailed molding from top to base for a truly timeless look!  Stripped using our proprietary non-petrochemical process to reveal the natural beauty of the wood while retaining the patina acquired over the decades.
Circa 1880s
Measures 95H x 59W x 22.5D

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