19th Century Renaissance Revival Bookcase

2202-1762 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

110H x 56W x 25D

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Renaissance Revival Bookcase is a magnificent ode to the era, with carved detailing that can only be described as sculpture from the arched crown to the baseboard below!  Rendered from old-growth oak to last for centuries, it features a multi-tiered crown lavished with intricate crests, foliates and a centered lion's head over a rosette, all in fine relief, above which a pierce-carved crown resides, resplendent with an heraldic crest centered with an egg and flanked by cornucopias and lavish scrollwork and foliates.  The upper tier continues the indulgences, with mitered cornerposts adorned with full relief depictions of the bounty of the earth, presided over by another lion's head on each corner.  The two cabinet doors feature fine carved detail all around with a curved dentil molded trim encircling the generous glazing.  Inside, adjustable shelves can be seen that also have the same curved dentil trim on the face.  The base is a wondrous work, extending out from the upper tier a bit, and lavished from side to side and top to bottom with complementary motifs and designs that are inspired by the upper tier.  Panels feature geometric molding centered with lions' heads fitted with brass rings.  The carved baseboard below includes mitered, stepped out trim on the corners and another step-out at the center.  Perfect for creating a strong visual statement in any room!
Circa 1870s
Measures 110H x 56W x 25D

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