Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Triple Bookcase

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96H x 85W x 22D

Location: Dallas


Antique Liegoise Louis XIV Triple Bookcase is an astounding feat of furniture craftsmanship from the legendary artisans of Liege!  Styled in the traditional Louis XIV manner, it features a triple compartment effect with the center compartment consisting of glazed display above and what appears to be three drawers below.  Looks can be deceiving, though!  The center section is actually a recessed glazed display cabinet with glazing even appearing on the bonnet below the spectacularly sculpted centerpiece on the arched crown, combined with a single centered drawer, below which the "faux commode" is actually a cabinet door that opens to reveal shelved storage!  The side cabinets are glazed in a similar manner as the center, with glazing even appearing on the mitered cornerposts as well as the bonnet above.  The lower panels are lavished with stylized floral and foliate designs in bas relief, with more such adornment appearing all over the facade from top to bottom, even overlaying the glass at the center for a unique effect.  Note even the attention paid to the upholstered interior at the center, with drapery edge treatment on the shelves.  Boldly contoured apron carved with shell and foliates features pediment & corbel style feet for sturdy support, while bold molded detail and brass pulls, hinges & key guards complete the look.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 96H x 85W x 22D

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