Antique Liegoise Regence Display Buffet ~ Bookcase

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94H x 76W x 24D

Location: Dallas


Antique Liegoise Regence Display Buffet ~ Bookcase is a study in architectural excellence!  A blending of the elements from the Louis XIV and Louis XV periods, it is one of the most endearing and definitively French styles.  The top tier features undulating archwork with a step-front center section for amazing visual appeal from any angle.  Glazing appears on the sides, on the doors, and even on the cornerposts and crown sections, all designed to allow as much ambient light into the piece so to make your cherished family heirlooms, keepsakes, or collection on full display.  Three doors allow easy access, and two shelves combine to create 3 surfaces.  The bottom tier is also designed on a subtle step-front concept with three cabinets above which appear three beautifully carved drawers.  Scrolled legs and apron carved with stylized shell and foliates provide support.  The most amazing details are the carved embellishments, however!  Starting at the top center, a boldly sculpted shell with florals and foliates presides over the entire affair.  Carved shell and scrollwork overlay appears on the glazing with framed shells on the mitered cornerposts and stiles.  The cabinet doors received the most attention, with cross hatching, scrollwork, floral and foliates.  Cast brass key guards and brass hinges complete the effect.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 94H x 76W x 24D

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