Early 19th Century Country French Bookcase ~ China Buffet from Normandie

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93.5H x 57.5W x 21D

Location: Dallas


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Early 19th Century Country French Bookcase ~ China Buffet from Normandie is a timeless example of the amazing talents of provincial artisans that created their own regional looks over the course of centuries perfecting their cabinetmaking skills.  The architecture of the casework recalls the neoclassical revival of the previous century, yet the craftsmen added special decorative touches that although not unique, when combined create a definitive Normandie look.  The complex bonnet above features a centered arch that accentuates the bold, full relief carving on the crown depicting a basket bursting with fresh-picked wildflowers, with floral sprays emanating all the way out to the sides.  The upper tier which is slightly shallower than the lower (and completely removable for transport) consists of the sturdy casework with two contoured shelves and raised & recessed panels on each side.  The doors, however, capture attention with remarkable hand-carved detail depicting roses, wildflowers, cascading vines and even a ribbon tied into a bow.  The center stile which is attached to the left door is carved as well, leading the eye to the bottom of the upper glazed doors carved with wildflowers and olives ready for picking.  The generous glazing in between the carvings allows one to fully appreciate the books, keepsakes or memorabilia displayed within, enhanced further by the brass hinges and key guards.  Below, the casework expands to the full width and depth as posted herein, with carved detailing mimicking the doors on the upper tier, including the hinges and keyguards.  Doors open to reveal cavernous discreet storage below.  A subtly scrolled apron and legs tipped with escargot feet completes the look.  Rendered in solid old-growth oak to last for centuries!
Circa 1820s
Measures 93.5H x 57.5W x 21D

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