Early 19th Century Swedish Neoclassical Painted Vitrine ~ Bookcase

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80H x 53W x 14.5D

Location: Dallas


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Early 19th Century Swedish Neoclassical Painted Vitrine ~ Bookcase is a stunning find from the rarefied world of Gustavian-influenced Swedish cabinet works that glorified the revival of classic architecture as originally designed by the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.  In this design, a trapezoidal casework accentuates one's ability to view the contents displayed in the upper half by providing an angled face on each side.  The single, generously sized glazed upper door is beautifully reinforced with ribbon overlay and a circular wreath centered amongst the four primary panes of the door.  Fletching appears as the capstone above the glazed door, centered on the complex arched crown, all of which is highlighted in gold.  Gold highlighting was also used to enhance the pair of drawers centered with rosettes and brass knobs, which separate the glazed upper tier from the cabinet below.  The cabinet is framed by bell flowers on the front corners and tailored panels on the sides and the doors themselves, which are also centered with rosettes complementing the drawers.  A beautifully scrolled apron below spans an opening the transitions to the angles of the design's base footprint.  Painted inside and out, it has achieved a lovely patina over the two centuries it has been enjoyed so far, with many more decades of enjoyment in store for its new lucky owner!
Circa early 19th century
Measures 80H x 53W x 14.5D

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