Grand 19th Century French Renaissance Revival Hunt Bookcase

2304-1795 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

114H x 69.5W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Grand 19th Century  French Renaissance Revival Hunt Bookcase is a remarkable work of art, one that captivates the visual senses from the top of the crown to the base!  Signed by the sculptor Benjamin Deguil, An artistic genius, he created this piece for a particular client whose initials 'DC' are carved into the medallion held by two lifelike cherubs, with the medallion itself set in a splendid heraldic crest.  The crown adornment rests on an arched bonnet accented with floral garlands, transitioning into a meticulous molding detail which is a feature expanded upon throughout the design.  A frieze of Greek wave creates a border between the crown and the upper glazed tier of the work, with generous glass affording a lovely view into the cabinet which has been fitted with adjustable shelves.  Flanking the cabinet are two intricately carved columns, which frame the facade as well as the sides, which are incredible feats of sculpture in their own right, with intaglio panels, scrolled supports and relief carvings of wheat and grapes, classic French symbols of bread & wine, as well as signifying the Last Supper.  The upper tier rests on a magnificent cabinet below that boasts an upper drawer tier with special carved detail all around, and rounded sides with four panels lavished with exquisite sculptures of successful fishing and hunting expeditions on the front, with amazing bounty-of-the-earth studies in bold relief on the rounded sides.  Pilasters on the corners complement the aforementioned columns above, transitioning into a bold, multi-tiered base.  The bottom cabinet doors open to provide surprising storage, an added bonus!
Circa 1850s
Measures 114H x 69.5W x 21.5D
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