Grand 19th Century Italian Walnut Neoclassical Bookcase

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110.5 x 82W x 21.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Grand 19th Century Italian Walnut Neoclassical Bookcase is a study in the artistic sculpture of Northern Italy.  Sculpted in solid, sumptuous walnut, it features wildlife scenes which appear at the bottom door panels in glorious full relief depicting a pheasant on the right, and a heron on the left, both in their natural habitat.  The architecture of the piece recalls the glory days of ancient Greek and Roman designs that have remained timeless for thousands of years.  The intricacies of the molded detailing are astounding to behold, and include timeless egg & dart, rosettes in a Greek coin pattern, and fletching which mimics a bird's feathers.  A pair of impressive and elegant tapered, reeded and fluted columns flank the center display with rounded capitals connecting to the impressive crown.  Soaring over 9 feet in height, it will command attention from all who enter the room!
Circa 1860s
Measures 110.5 x 82W x 21.5D