Mid-Century Rustic Open Bookshelf ~ Bookcase

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60H x 37.5W x 16D

Location: Dallas


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Mid-Century Rustic Open Bookshelf ~ Bookcase was hand-crafted from thick beams and planks of solid oak to literally last for generations!  Four post uprights rest upon the transverse beams that serve as feet, connected at the top, and providing holes fore and aft designed for insertion of a hand-forged iron rod which serves as an over-engineered shelf support.  The resulting four shelves will provide sturdy support to anything you wish to store or display thereon.  Shelves are adjustable in a myriad of configurations thanks to the numerous holes drilled in each of the four uprights.  Simply slide out the heavy iron bar, replace where you want the shelf, and voila!  Rustic, but effective, indeed!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 60H x 37.5W x 16D