Monumental 19th Century French Renaissance Hunt Bookcase

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102.5H x 81W x 24D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Monumental 19th Century French Renaissance Hunt Bookcase is a master work of the sculptor's art!  From the bold step-front mitered crown to the complementary bold base, it has been lavished with bold relief carvings spanning the spectrum ~ and celebrating the abundance of ~ flora and fauna found on the European continent.  Four unique rosette carvings appear on the corners and step-front center section providing a framework for the heraldic crest and fully laden grapevines set in their individual molded panels.  And that's just the crown!  Cascading underneath bold corbels on the mitered corners and two center stiles appear an abundance of fruit, foliates, fishes and fowl all flanking the boldly molded triple glass display cabinet doors.  The lower tier juts out to accommodate three drawers magnificently carved with grapevine motif with the vines forming the structures that serve as drawer pulls.  Four more traditional rosettes flank the three drawers and appear above more bold corbels under which are even more amazing carvings of crustaceans, fishes and fowl, comprising a framework of four stiles that flank the three masterworks of sculpture that appear on the lower cabinet doors.  The left sculpture depicts a bountiful wheat harvest, including the harvester's hat, scythe, flail and gourd canteen.  The right side sculpture depicts a bountiful grape harvest with woven basket, vine knife and grapes with grape leaves cascading forth.  Together the left and right panels also represent bread and wine, symbolic of the Last Supper.  For the piece de resistance, the center door panel depicts a lively catch of crocodile, fish and turtle with extra detail paid to the fisherman's net in an amazing display of artistic talent.
Truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!
Circa 1870
Measures 102.5H x 81W x 24D

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