Pair Antique Liegoise Louis XV Bookcases ~ China Buffets

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96.5H x 56W x 24D

Location: Baton Rouge


Pair Antique Liegoise Louis XV Bookcases ~ China Buffets are masterworks of the cabinetmaker's art!  The boldly styled architecture of the pair includes two dramatically arched crowns overlooking the upper tier which is glazed on all sides, even the mitered corners!  Exquisite sculpted designs in stylized foliate and shell motifs celebrating the Rococo style appear on the crown, cascading down to the recessed mitered shoulders, and overlaid atop the glazing below on every pane.  The glazing admits light from all directions negating the necessity of interior lighting.  The upper tier is set upon the drawer tiers which gracefully flare out to meet the bases.  The drawers are concealed within the flared portion and fitted with velvet interiors.  The flared portions are beautifully molded and festooned with carved shell, egg and foliate designs.  The recessed mitered corners are mirrored from the crown, and once again on the corners of the cabinet below to create architectural consistency.  The base is a deep, cavernous cabinet surrounded by exceptional detail, with stylized shell, foliate and scrollwork carved right into the paneling and moldings, even on the aforementioned mitered cornerposts.  Turned feet provide sturdy support below.
What truly magnificent works of fine craftsmanship and sculpture, made more amazing by the survival of the pair together after a century!
Circa 1910-1920
Each measures 96.5H x 56W x 24D

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