19th Century Gothic Bronze Incense Burner ~ Chandelier

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48H x 12 in Diameter

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Gothic Bronze Incense Burner ~ Chandelier is a remarkable example of the art of the metalsmith, rendered in solid bronze to last for centuries!  At some point it was wired in Europe but it has not been rewired for use in the USA.  Starting at the bottom, a trefoil appears, which along with the motifs emanating up to the main circular body of the chandelier, stand for the Holy Trinity.  The words are inscribed in Latin around the hoop "Christ is Light", positioned in between the six shield crests that project outwards topped with a crown and embossed with a stylized INRI representing the placard that was placed over Jesus during his crucifixion.  The main body is enhanced with geometric repeating coin forms all around behind the shields, with the same three-pointed cross motif both above and below.  The entire affair is suspended by the original chain sections alternating between orb-shaped links and twisted rods.  All connect to the crown above, also decorated with the same cross motifs as seen below.  What an incredible work of devotional art!
Perfect for hanging as is, or re-electrified at your discretion.
Circa 1850s
Measures 48H x 12 in diameter.