Antique French Wrought Iron Viking Long Boat Chandelier

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25H x 44W x 18.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique French Wrought Iron Viking Long Boat Chandelier will make an eye-catching Old World statement in any room!  The solid wrought iron fixture resembles a Viking Long Boat, which vessels were used to raid the entire European continent and spread Danish and Baltic DNA across the hemisphere.  This example, newly electrified by an expert electrician, features eight medium-base chandelles with realistic candlesleeve covers so your choices of light bulbs are almost unlimited.  The Vikings traditionally mounted their shields along the gunwale which has been depicted here, with a variety of colors enhancing their appearance.  The fixture is hung with link chain to an anchor with a bit more chain to the canopy, which of course can be adjusted in length by the addition of more chain to accommodate various ceiling heights.  Most noticeable in the design, however, are the fearsome dragons on each end designed to create awe in the settlements visited by the storied ships.
Circa early to mid-1900s
Measures 25H x 44W x 18.5D