Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier

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31H x 29 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Antique Wrought Iron Chandelier was hand-crafted by talented metalsmiths who were inspired by medieval examples long before the advent of electric lighting.  This chandelier was originally intended for candles and has been cleverly retrofitted to accommodate electric wiring.  The generously sized canopy will cover your electrical box in the ceiling with ease, and supports six chains which connect to hand-forged "L" brackets designed to work together with the hoop of the main body to support six chandelles.  Three quatrefoils representing the four points of the cross were cut into the body of the piece for a subtle visual accent.  Painstakingly wired with standard wiring, the realistic candlesleeve covers conceal the medium base sockets, making them very versatile for light bulb selection.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 31H x 29 in diameter