19th Century Imari Hand-Painted Charger

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18.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Imari Hand-Painted Charger is a fine example of decorative porcelains from Kyushu in northwestern Japan.  Imari is a style of porcelain named after the Japanese port from which it was shipped to the West, beginning in the late 17th century.  This example shows artistic excellence by using different hues of the same basic colors of cobalt blue and copper red, creating the illusion of more chromatic scale.  Goldenrod and other earth tones add to the visual effect.  Combining somewhat abstract forms and surreal scenes with easily identifiable representations of flowers and vases, such chargers are still used for serving, but in the case of the more valuable pieces, usually hung on the wall or displayed in cases for all to appreciate.  Note even the back side has some interesting floral and foliates painted on it, primarily appreciated by those sitting at the table at the time of being served.
Circa late 1800s
18.5" in diameter by 1.5" tall.