Antique Hand-Painted Charger from Rouen

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16.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Antique Hand-Painted Charger from Rouen is a classic example of the exquisite works of art for which the region has been known for centuries!  Utilizing multiple colors symbolizing the natural beauty of the region from saffron to forest green to cobalt blue and more, it is adorned with wildflowers and foliates commonly found throughout the picturesque area.  The bordering all around is quite complex with a repeating pattern that amazing in its depth.  At the center is an heraldic crest with the symbol of Christianity in the form of a lamb holding a staff with cross at the top, which in turn holds a banner with the cross.  Three fleurs de lys appear above the lamb, and above them, a royal crown indicating deference to the reigning monarch.  Usable as a charger for serving, or already wired to create a wall decoration.  What a great accent piece!
Circa 1890s
Measures 16.5 in diameter