Pair 19th Century Hand-Painted Flower Vases from Rouen

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17H x 7.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Hand-Painted Flower Vases from Rouen are typical of the colorful and artistic works from the storied region, capturing the vivid natural hues of the region onto timeless classical forms.  The faceted urns narrow to a waist above which appears a secondary urn form, also faceted and fluted.  Wildflowers, foliates and intriguing geometric forms have been hand-painted onto the surface using rich cobalt blues, forest greens, saffron yellows and copper reds to create a pair that are decorative all on their own, but also serve as receptacles for freshly picked flowers when one so desires!  The proprietary glazing methods preserve the colors beautifully for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.
Hand-crafted at the end of the 19th century.
Each measures 17H x 7.5 in diameter.