Pair 19th Century Petite Hand-Painted Rose Medallion Vases

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8H x 3.5 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Pair 19th Century Petite Hand-Painted Rose Medallion Vases are stunning works of art, rendered on fine Kaolin clay and illustrative of the mastery of the art attained by master artisans with hundreds of years of history behind their craft!  The graceful shapes include three dimensional relief and handles incorporated into the tailored urn form.  Hand-painted artistry is unique for each specimen in the pair, with a mixture of people and birds set upon lavish compositions with elaborate backgrounds and frameworks, all rendered in colorful greens, blues, coppers and pinks.  Pairs in this size are not very common.  This style of Chinese porcelain was first made in the mid-19th century to satisfy the high demand for imported china that began in Europe and spread to the United States. Interestingly, Rose Medallion china that was made before 1890 has no origin marks on it. All china made after this date that was imported into the United States had to have a mark of origin because of a new tax - the McKinley Tariff Act - that was imposed on imported goods. Firstly, "China" was printed onto the bottom of these pieces, with "Made in China" replacing it twenty-five years later.
A matching round platter is available if you act fast!  See Related Products below left.
Circa 1870s
Each measures 8H x 3.5 in diameter

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