Pair Antique Chinese Hand-Painted Vases

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30H x 14 in diameter

Location: Dallas


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Pair Antique Chinese Hand-Painted Vases are truly a product of exceptionally skilled artisans!  Thrown on a larger scale, the graceful form of each porcelain urn is centuries if not thousands of years old.  Starting on the inside of the rim at the top, the entire facade has been painted all around, depicting various courtyard scenes mixed with beautiful portrayals of birds and flowers, with distinctive bordering creating a lavish framework, all the way down to the rim of the base.  Ideal for placement in front of mirrors due to their complete artistic coverage, they can also be periodically rotated when not in front of a mirror, so that a different scene presents itself to the room each time.  The rich natural earth tones were derived from natural materials, and thanks to the time-tested glazing techniques the coloration hasn't faded in a hundred years!
Circa early 1900s
Each measures 30H x 14 in diameter