Set of Eight 19th Century Boch Transferware Plates of Historical French Figures

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8 in diamter

Location: Dallas


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Set of Eight 19th Century Boch Transferware Plates of Historical French Figures features a rich cobalt blue interposed with black, with the central subject produced in various shades of gray mixed into the black for a robust image.  The transferware process was developed to increase productivity in the process of porcelain manufacturing, and allowed ease in duplication as well as a more complex imaging on a scale that was more available to a wider audience.  This set displays seven distinct images, with each surrounded by eight more personages including a falconniere, knight, musicians and other court figures.  Each is stamped on the back with the telltale marks from the tripods upon which each plate was placed in the kiln for firing.  A great set for a decorative vignette!  The seven subjects are:
Le Courtisane au Moyen-Age ~ The courtesan, or kept mistress, of the middle ages.
Le Pellerin Mondiant ~ A monk named Mondiant from the monastery of Pellerin,
Marguerite d’Autriche ~ Margaret of Habsburg, Archduchess of Austria
Isabeau de Baviere ~ Isabella of Bavaria, queen consort of Charles VI of France.
Charles le Temeraire ~ Charles de Bourgogne, the fourth and last Duke of Burgundy of the House of Valois.
Henri ~ Henry II was King of France from 1547 until 1559 when he was killed in a jousting tournament.
Pucelle d’Orleans ~ Known today as Joan of Arc.
Circa late 1800s
Sold as a Set.
Each measures 8 in diameter


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