19th Century French Louis XVI 3-Piece Mantel Clock Set after Moreau

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Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Louis XVI 3-Piece Mantel Clock Set after Moreau is a stunningly beautiful set that has remained together for over a century!  Set upon luxuriously veined footed marble bases, it consists of a main clock piece and two matching cassolettes, all cast in spelter and given multi-hued bronze finishes.  The centerpiece is a cherub at the well, a classically romantic scene popularized by the Moreau family during the Belle Epoque.  A lion's head appears at the top of the fountain spewing water into a large scallop shell reservoir, attended by an angelic cherub wearing flowing robes.  The clock itself features a hand-painted porcelain dial face and is situated in a neoclassical plinth with ribbon and cascading flowers for embellishment.  Even the back side has been finished in the French tradition, since such clocks were meant to appear on mantels, with a mirror behind.  Therefore the appearance of the back side was quite important!  Standing guard over the classical vignette are two lidded urns on legs, also known as cassolettes, each with its own spectacular decorative accents including laurel wreaths, Greek coin with floral rosettes, cascading floral sprays, acanthus leaves, and even cloven hoof feet.
Circa 1890s
Clock measures 17H x 21W x 7.5D
Cassolettes each measure 13H x 7 in diameter

(NOTE:  Although clocks are internally complete and running at our showroom, we cannot guarantee that antique clocks will run flawlessly after delivery to your location.)

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