Antique French Black Forest Hand Carved Hunt Wall Clock

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27H x 19W x 5D

Location: Dallas


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The splendor of the French Hunt Style has been captured in sculpted solid old-growth oak with this stunning Antique French Black Forest Hand Carved Hunt Wall Clock!  Celebrating the hunt, it features game carved on both sides and below, with a horn and game bag on the crested crown.  Carved acanthus plumes and scrollwork are intermixed with the themes for a dramatic effect.  An abundance of detail surrounds the intricately carved clockface dial, inset with hand-painted porcelain numerals.  Rarely does one find such a decorative and functional masterpiece as this, perfect for the masculine decor!
Measures 27H x 19W x 5D
Circa early 1900s
Black Forest carvings often depict forest animals, particularly bears, but also dogs and horses with trees and foliage. The style was originated by Swiss carvers in the town of Brienz, Switzerland, but spread throughout Europe, with craftsmen in France, Germany and other countries joining the fray.  From its humble beginnings as a cottage industry in the early 1800s it grew so that by the turn of the 20th century it had become the major emphasis of an entire skilled community.  Throughout Europe the popularity of the style grew and the carvings were exhibited at many international exhibitions such as London Great Exhibition of 1851, Chicago World’s Fair 1893, and Le Exposition Universelle Paris 1900.  In Europe, they have became a symbol of luxury and wealth.
(NOTE:  We sell clocks for their decorative appeal, not to keep time.  We cannot guarantee clocks will work)

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