19th Century French Regence Painted Marble Top Console ~ Sofa Table

2202-1752 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

37H x 71W x 22D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Regence Painted Marble Top Console ~ Sofa Table is a stunning work of the cabinetmaker's art!  The style, uniquely French, is a blend of Louis XIV and Louis XV designs, with shell, floral and foliate motifs common to both genres, yet portrayed in a distinctive way that represents a transition between the two hallmark styles.  This example is supported by four legs connected with stretchers, making it free standing and thus easier to place in the home, and perfect for behind the sofa, along a hallway, or as a stunning entryway piece.  Carved scallop shells and wildflowers dominate the motifs, with a sunflower taking center stage, and acanthus plumes with cloven hoof feet below.  The sides are serpentine, and the front is shaped like an archer's bow, called en arbalette by the French.  Graceful cabriole legs only add to the allure.  To top it off is an exquisite cream colored specimen of Carrara marble double beveled and contoured to follow the intricacies of the structure below, providing an elegant yet carefree surface.  The painted finish has achieved a lovely patina over the past century, and serves to highlight the exquisite carved detail across the entire work.
Circa 1890s
Measures 37H x 71W x 22D