Antique Italian Louis XV Marquetry Console ~ Sofa Table

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38H x 47.5W x 13.5D

Location: Dallas


Antique Italian Louis XV Marquetry Console ~ Sofa Table is a superlative example of fine craftsmanship by the master artisans of Torino!  With the only straight lines being the surfaces on top and on the shelf below, the sensuous form includes a bowed front with serpentine sides, and contoured and flared apron blending into the four gracefully scrolled legs connected two-thirds of the way down with the shelf for support and extra display surface.  With the exception only of the legs, the facade and surfaces have been lavished with incredible marquetry, or artistic inlay, using rosewood, olive wood, satinwood and walnut to create exquisite floral bouquets and sprays surrounded by incredibly intricate foliate frameworks.  The contoured and bowed front facade is actually a full width drawer accessed by two brass pulls, and provides convenient storage.  The four legged design means it is free standing, and does not require mounting to the wall like most consoles, also making it ideal behind a sofa or love seat to add grace and style to your room along with great display surfaces!
Circa early 1900s
Measures 38H x 47.5W x 13.5D