18th Century Rustic Desk

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30H x 68W x 30.5D; knee clearance 29H

Location: Dallas


18th Century Rustic Desk was fashioned by skilled artisans from local indigenous old-growth oak to last for centuries!  Solid inch-thick planks form the top for a durable surface, with lots of overhang all around the casework below, which consists of beveled & raised panels on all sides, framed by a tier of molding along the bottom edge of the case.  The legs are single timbers from the bottom of the plank top to the floor, and are affixed to the casework with pegged mortise & tenon joinery in the time-honored traditional method.  The legs below the case are elegantly contoured in an elongated urn form, and join together just above the floor with a classic "H" stretcher for added strength and longevity.  Two large drawers are separated by an exceptionally generous kneehole, much more commodious than typical desks of the period, indicating it was made for someone of above-average build.  That much knee clearance in such an old piece is truly rare!  The kneehole is flanked by two spacious drawers accessed by forged steel pendant pulls.  Since it is finished all around, it's a great choice for placement anywhere in the room, even the center!
Circa 1790s
Measures 30H x 68W x 30.5D; knee clearance 29H