18th Century Spanish Barley Twist Desk

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32.5H x 80.5W x 30.5D; knee clearance 24

Location: Dallas


18th Century Spanish Barley Twist Desk is a truly remarkable example of hand-crafted excellence during the waning years of Spain's dominance in world exploration and the colonization of the Americas.  Designed for an obviously affluent member of the aristocracy or perhaps a wealthy merchant, it was created on a larger scale than usual.  Solid oaken planks comprise the top, with extra overhang on each side providing a surface over six and a half feet wide.  The top is affixed to the casework below with dovetail joints hand-cut into the old-growth wood.  The case consists of an extra sturdy framework fitted with three drawers, each featuring a modicum of carved embellishment and fitted with a forged steel pendant pull.  An even more unusual departure in style for this type is the barley twist legs, which have been accentuated with floral rosettes carved right into the grooves!  The legs are further strengthened by a classic "H" stretcher, and the entire affair is joined with pegged mortise & tenons.  Very unusual and incredibly desirable!
Circa 1780s
Measures 32.5H x 80.5W x 30.5D; knee clearance 24