19th Century French Gothic Walnut Secretary ~ Cabinet

2003-912705 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

54.5H x 26.5W x 16D

Location: Dallas


$2,400 $3,200

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19th Century French Gothic Walnut Secretary ~ Cabinet is a superlative example of the mastery of furniture making during the middle to late 1800s in France!  Designed as a compact all-in-one adjunct to one's office, it features a gallery rail with pierce-carved trefoils on top, with intaglio flourishes for extra visual appeal.  Below appears a drawer with matching trefoil relief, and below that the timeless Gothic style drop front panel which opens to reveal a leather top writing surface, castellated apron and a pair of interior drawers under an open shelf.  At the bottom of the affair is a generously sized cabinet with moorish arches and gold highlights in the fluting for a truly special effect.  Intricately cast and chased brass hingeworks and keyguards provide the finishing touch!
Circa 1870s
Measures 54.5H x 26.5W x 16D