19th Century French Grand Louis XVI Cylinder Desk

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47.5H x 53W x 24.5D; desk surface 32H

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Grand Louis XVI Cylinder Desk is the perfect answer to all your modern office needs!  Designed on a larger scale than is typical of the genre, it was hand-crafted from solid old-growth oak to last for centuries and features a solid cylindrical upper tier that rolls back into the casework.  When open, it reveals a capacious interior with no less than a dozen cubby holes, and a desk surface the pulls out thanks to a pair of brass knobs.  The cylinder exterior is carved with motifs inspired by the neoclassical revival of the period, with rectilinear framework accented with rosettes and beading, centered with a square plaque-style carving depicting symbols of engineering and architecture on a foliate & ribbon background.  The cylinder is also accessed with a brass knob.  Above the cylinder appears a molded trim of Greek coin overlay centered with a rosette, and above that a generous surface for permanent display.  The genius of the design also includes three huge full width drawers in the casework below, each framed with complementary motifs and fitted with bronze ring pulls with embossed medallions, centered with bronze key guards in their own Greek coin overlay framing.  Wheat trim appears above, on and below the drawers, complementing the cornerposts which are fluted and reeded at the base with wheat motif.  At the top of the cornerposts appears more Greek coin overlay and a rosette, in a continuation of the theme.  The contoured apron is enhanced with beading, with finely chamfered panels on the sides enhanced with complementary molded detail.  Tapered feet provide support.
Circa 1890s
Measures 47.5H x 53W x 24.5D; desk surface 32H

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