Antique French Henri II Partner's Desk

2101-912921 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

30.5H x 62.5W x 40.5D

Location: Dallas


Antique French Henri II Partner's Desk was hand-crafted from dense, old-growth oak, and features a spacious top that can be shared by two!  Three drawers and two cabinets on each side provide equal workspace and storage access.  The design is easy to transport, as the drawer tier rests upon the two independent cabinet sections and can be separated into three easy-to-handle segments for tight hallways and doors.  A bold egg motif in a fluted pattern encircles the entire drawer tier, even on the sides, interrupted on the corners with gorgeous corbels carved with fletching.  Drawers are accessed with quality cast brass bale pulls and guards.  The drawer tier appears to be suspended by eight fluted columns with Doric capitals below, which flank the four cabinets.  Each cabinet door is a marvel of geometric and naturalistic design, with multiple tiers culminating in the raised center pyramidal section adorned with a stylized urn and foliate carving.  A bold base molding encircles each of the cabinet sections for the perfect finishing touch.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 30.5H x 62.5W x 40.5D;
Kneehole measures 25H x 20W