Antique Italian Walnut Louis XIV Desk

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31.5H x 63.5W x 31.5D; knee clearance 25.5H

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique Italian Walnut Louis XIV Desk is a marvelous example of the interaction of style influences across the European continent that have been common for centuries.  The Baroque style influenced the court of Louis XIV, who then influenced Italian styles after his own interpretations were realized.  Starting with a foundation of classical architecture inspired by the Greek and Roman civilizations, this magnificent executive desk features a boldly molded and contoured base shaped in a timeless "H" form, with layers of molding detail building up to the surface across the bridge between the two supports, which also serves as the pediment upon which the side supports are mounted.  Each support is a work of art, with bold, grand corbels facing fore and aft artistically carved in full relief with acanthus plumes, and separated by a complex pyramidal style side panel.  The casework consists solely of a drawer tier, with three drawers melded into the apron and identified only by molding detail and subtle keyhole guards.  Careful attention was paid to the laying of grain patterns on the top surface, allowing one to more fully appreciate the sheer natural beauty of the indigenous and luxurious walnut!  Generously sized to make it an ideal choice for 21st century physiques.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 31.5H x 63.5W x 31.5D; knee clearance 25.5H

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