Antique Venetian Painted Secretary ~ Bookcase ~ Commode

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96.5H x 45W x 19.5D; surface 33.5H

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique Venetian Painted Secretary ~ Bookcase ~ Commode is a remarkable piece that is both beautiful to behold and versatile far beyond most mere furniture pieces!  Hand-crafted by master Italian artisans from Venice, it features a boldly arched crown with subtly scrolled molding atop which is mounted open, floating carved embellishments that culminate in a large shell motif at the center.  The arched upper tier cabinet doors follow the same contour, leading the eye down to the middle section which is a slant-front, gracefully curved secretary desk that opens to reveal capacious writing surface and a shelf with four interior drawers underneath.  The lower section is comprised of four full width drawers, the center of which was converted for silver storage at some point, adding intrigue.  The most amazing aspect of this keepsake, however, is the hand-painted finish on the outside, which not only enhances the embellishment, but consists of no less than nine works of art appearing as vignettes on the upper cabinet doors, the drop-front, each drawer, and even the sides.  When one opens the upper cabinet, there are two more artworks on the inside of the cabinet doors themselves, and when one opens the desk, there's yet another on the writing surface!  Each scene glorifies the natural beauty of flower arrangements, with the exception of the drop front which depicts a waterfront landscape scene in the Old Master style.  Bold molding detail, foliate flourish feet, and cast brass drawer pulls and key guards complete the look.
Circa early 1900s
Measures 96.5H x 45W x 19.5D; writing surface 33.5H

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