Set of 14 Antique Italian Renaissance Walnut Dining Chairs

2203-2253B (Click to Inquire About This Item)

51H x 25.5W x 24D; seat 21H (armchairs)

Location: Dallas


Set of 14 Antique Italian Renaissance Walnut Dining Chairs are a truly rare find indeed!  Designed for those with large families or proclivities to entertain on a grand scale, each has been fashioned entirely by hand from solid walnut, and features acanthus plumes carved into the tops of the seatback uprights, with sturdy, tailored frameworks, and a very finely carved decorative apron stretcher at the front depicting a complex rosette flanked by heart-shaped acanthus plume motifs.  The unusual seat height indicates the family for which the set was made was particularly tall, making this a great choice for 21st century physiques.  The remainder of the frameworks are strictly business, and support the padded leather seatbacks and seats which are affixed with brass tacks, and remain in remarkably good condition.  As a special touch, the aforementioned acanthus plumes atop the seatback uprights are highlighted in gold for just a hint of opulence!
Circa early 1900s
Armchairs measure 51H x 25.5W x 24D; seat 21H;
Chairs measure 44H x 19W x 18D; seat 20H