Antique Rustic Stripped Oak Trestle Table

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30H x 95W x 36D; knee clearance 27H

Location: Dallas


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Antique Rustic Stripped Oak Trestle Table was crafted on a grand scale from thick timbers of old-growth oak to literally last for generations!  The thickness of the tabletop is such that a supporting apron is not necessary, providing maximum knee room ideal for taller folk.  A sufficient overhang has been provided on each end to allow seating there as well, if so desired.  Centered on the top a version of the ancient Maltese Cross design has been carved directly into the planks.  The Maltese Cross has its roots in Amalfi from as early as the 11th century and is documented as a symbol of the crusades-era Knights Hospitalier from the early9 16th century.  Supporting the massive tabletop are four large turned pedestals in urn forms connected to a cross timber above and a massive foot below, with the feet also connected to each other by the substantial trestle.  Pegged mortise & tenon joinery was used throughout in the traditional method, ensuring this large scale table will provide enjoyment for your family for decade after decade!
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 30H x 95W x 36D; knee clearance 27H