Antique Spanish Oak Dining Table

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31H x 87W x 32D; knee clearance 29H

Location: Baton Rouge


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Antique Spanish Oak Dining Table was styled in the traditional manner which has been refined over the past several centuries in the Iberian peninsula!  Utilizing dense, old-growth oak, the top was fashioned from solid planks so thick, a supporting apron was unnecessary, which leaves a maximum amount of welcome knee clearance.  Support is provided by two lyre-shaped uprights connected to the top with perpendicular beams, and connected for structural strength via scrolled hand-forged stretchers that were artfully crafted with turnings painted red and gold for added visual appeal.  The iron stretchers cross each other on their way to connect with the bottom of the table top's planks in a design that is as timeless as the traditions that inspired it.  Literally built to last for generations, your family will enjoy this wonderful table for decades to come.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 31H x 87W x 32D; knee clearance 29H
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