Rustic Dutch Solid Oak Trestle Dining Table

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30H x 95W x 34D

Location: Dallas


Rustic Dutch Solid Oak Trestle Dining Table displays the interesting techniques employed by craftsmen in Holland for centuries!  Stretching just under eight feet in length, it is on the larger size of such examples.  Using old-growth seasoned indigenous white oak, the craftsmen selected thick planks to create the top, sturdy enough so that an apron is not necessary in the design, which provides extra knee room.  The heavy oak supports on each end are secured to the plank top and connected below with a single beam trestle, which is double-shimmed on each support for added rigidity.  The supports are mounted on bases shaped to simultaneously provide maximum stability and foot room.  Literally designed to last for centuries, it will make a great addition to your office or for casual dining in the home.
Hand-crafted circa mid-1900s
Measures 30H x 95W x 34D