18th Century Plank and Wrought Iron Storm Door

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70.5H x 37W x 4D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Plank and Wrought Iron Storm Door is a unique find, indeed!  Designed to reinforce an entryway from the inside, it was fashioned from solid planks of old growth oak, and reinforced with staves and strips of hand-forged wrought iron.  The side visible from the interior while in place was accented with an interesting astragal down the middle, carved in a modified hourglass form.  The wrought iron strips extend just outside the edge and are drilled so that the storm door could be nailed or screwed into the door frame from the interior when bad weather threatened, then removed when no longer needed.  Links of hand-forged chain still visible on both sides allowed it to be stored out of the way when not in use, which was most of the time.  An excellent security door, as well!
Circa 1750s
Measures 70.5H x 37W x 4D