19th Century Exterior Door in Original Jam with Transom

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103H x 44W x 3D overall

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Exterior Door in Original Jamb with Transom was hand-crafted from old-growth pine and oak to last for generations!  Sporting the original solid oak jamb which includes a transom at top into which one can install glass, stained glass, or a privacy style panel, the frame encompasses an unusually wide door for this period, measuring over 39" wide just by itself, making it a great choice for modern building codes like ADA.  The door design consists of two chamfered panels below, a reinforced center section with mail slot, and an upper pair of panels that can be glazed, but also are fitted with hinged door panels that allow privacy or one can let the light in as desired.  Some of the distressed painted finish remains on the door should you wish to take advantage of the look, but it is easily completely stripped like the jamb and finished in stain or paint depending on your requirements.
Circa 1890s
Complete jamb with door measures 103H x 44W x 3D; door by itself measures 79H x 39.25W