19th Century Exterior Door with Cast Iron Insert

2902-89176 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

89H x 38.5W x 3.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century Exterior Door with Cast Iron Insert is a product of traditional French craftsmanship, and features solid oak construction designed to last for centuries!  The upper framework is inset with a meticulously detailed iron casting, depicting a variety of scrolls, florals and foliates in the design.  Two lower framed panels and a kick plate complete the exterior facade.  On the inside, which still shows vestiges of the last coat of paint, the same three panels can be found but with the upper panel fitted with a hinged glass door that was designed to keep out the weather, yet easily opened for cleaning.  Such doors were purposely decorative as they were the primary architectural feature for a variety of city townhomes and apartments, and literally come in a dizzying array of variations.  Perfect for making your own home unique!
Circa 1870s
Measures 89H x 38.5W x 3.5D