Pair 19th Century Library ~ Bookcase Built-In Cabinets

2001-200515 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

124.5H x 40W x 6.5D*

Location: Baton Rouge


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Pair 19th Century Library ~ Bookcase Built-In Cabinets were salvaged from a lovely manoir in Northern France, and were designed to surround built-in bookshelves on top, with a cabinet and drawer built into the wall below, and being a right and left pair to either flank a fireplace or doorway.  Beautifully carved cabinet door below is surrounded by a carved frame, and topped with a lavishly sculpted drawer facade.  The pilasters that extend up towards the arched crown with bold heraldic crest are also carved with Renaissance-inspired motifs for a timeless, classical look.  Rendered from solid oak to last for centuries!
Sold as a PAIR.
Circa 1870s
*Each measures 124.5H x 40W x 6.5D, with the drawer extending 16" deep into the wall.  The upper bookshelf frame opening measures 68H x 31W.