Pair 18th Century Wrought Iron Andirons

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19H x 6W x 24D (each)

Location: Dallas


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Pair 18th Century Wrought Iron Andirons were just as functional as they were decorative back in the days before central heating and electric lighting!  Forged and hammered by the local blacksmith, they had little cages on top to set vessels of water or soups to keep them warm, with U-shaped hangers on the front side across which an iron rod would be placed to hang other pots and vessels to either cook or warm up by the blazing fire.  Heat could be adjusted based on the position the vessel or pot was placed on the improvised rack.  In the summertime, the cages on top could hold big pillar candles so that some light could emanate from the fireplace no matter the season!
Circa 1780s
Each measures 19H x 6W x 24D