Pair 19th Century French Louis XIV Hand-Carved Pilasters

2101-912930 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

49H x 11W x 12.5D

Location: Dallas


Pair 19th Century French Louis XIV Hand-Carved Pilasters are a magnificent example of the wood sculptor's art!  Crafted to depict large scale corbels, each was rendered from massive blocks of sycamore, and features a rich walnut stain that enhances the amazing hand-carved detail in abundance from the top to the base.  Bold scrollworks appear at the top projecting out from the wall the farthest to provide a support shelf for a mantel of your choice such as a richly veined slab of marble.  The scrolls turn inward and are festooned on the sides and especially the fronts with acanthus plumes.  Directly underneath appear amazingly lifelike winged cherubs with adorable faces which in turn appear above two sculptures, each one differing but both representing the bounty of the earth and God's blessings.  Such works can create a unique fireplace surround, flank an impressive cased opening, or adorn the design of any particular architectural detail of your desire.
Circa 1860s
Each measures 49H x 11W x 12.5D