19th Century French Louis XIV Marble Top Console with Mirror

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97.5H x 38W x 17D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Louis XIV Marble Top Console with Mirror is a magnificent collaboration between expert and talented artisans from three disciplines!  First, the cabinetmaker created the table and mirror frame from sumptuous, hand-select French walnut.  Second, the glazier hand-beveled the mirror to nestle into the frame behind the overlay carvings.  Third, the stone mason contoured a luxuriously veined marble top to fit in the intriguing contours of the console.  A boldly molded crown appears above, lavished with full relief sculpture of scrollwork, foliates and florals, centered with a splendid shell crest.  The crown forms a double arch over the mirror below, which has been expertly hand-beveled to follow the complex contours of the frame.  Quatrefoil overlay was carved into the frame on each side of the mirror, which all rests atop the exquisite console below.  The console features four tapered and carved legs so it can stand alone without requiring attachment to the wall.  Each leg is connected with scrolled and carved stretchers for added visual appeal as well as support.  The elegantly undulating apron above is adorned with cross hatching, shell and rosette motifs just above, a gadrooned edge completely surrounds the luxuriously veined marble top custom cut into the trapezoidal form.  Truly a timeless work of the furniture crafter's art!
Circa 1880s
Measures 97.5H x 38W x 17D; surface is 35.5H

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