Grand 19th Century French Louis XVI Gilded Mirror

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82.5H x 40.5W x 6D

Location: Baton Rouge


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Grand 19th Century French Louis XVI Gilded Mirror is a masterpiece of the sculptor's art!  The large scale of the mirror makes it ideal for tall ceilings or use as a floor mirror.  The bottom, left and right frameworks are of a tailored design, with five tiers of molding detail including beading all around, classic evidence of the influence of the preceding Louis Philippe period.  Tailored and elegant, with a very subtle two-toned gold finish, the framework comes together at the top with rounded shoulders and a gentle arched form.  From there, the influence of the Louis XVI style and late Napoleon III period become overwhelmingly obvious, with the bold expression of a pair of lovebirds in bold relief mingling above an extraordinary background of floral and foliate sprays, including olive branches, and the timeless torchere & carquois de fleche, both crossed and symbolizing both the power and the longevity of the French monarchy.  The symbols date back to ancient Greek and Roman references, but were commonly and artistically used to help define the neoclassical revivals fomented by the French over the course of centuries.  The entire framework and sculptures exhibit a gold finish that has achieved a lovely patina over the decades, only adding to the visual allure of this magnificent example of the artistry in late 1800s Europe.
Circa 1880s
Measures 82.5H x 40.5W x 6D
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