19th Century French Louis XVI Gilded Mirror

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64.5H x 37.5W x 5.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Louis XVI Gilded Mirror is a masterpiece of artwork celebrating the revival of the classic period during the Napoleon III Period.  The frame exhibits marvelous detail, with egg & dart encircling the entire mirror which is finished with a beaded edge just next to the glass.  Subtly flared bases on both sides allow the mirror to be set upon mantel, buffet, or pier providing a slight elevation over the surface upon which it is placed.  Of course, the mirror can also be hung free style on the wall, if so desired.  One can still see the overlapped gold leaf along the frame indicating the level of original finish still extant.  The most prominent feature, however, is the magnificent crown which envelopes the entire upper framing piece in glorious three dimensional beauty.  Depicted are a variety of neoclassical themes, including a floral wreath at the center overlaid and intertwined with the torchere and carquois de fleche, timeless symbols of the French monarchy, ensconced with an upturned archer's bow.  Flowing ribbon pervades the centerpiece, and the entirety is flanked by oak branches abundant with acorns also symbolic of the renewal of life.  The gold finish has achieved a splendid patina over the past century, only adding to the impressive statement it will make in your favorite room!
Circa 1880s
Measures 64.5H x 37.5W x 5.5D

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