19th Century French Renaissance Carved Walnut Wall Mirror

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62H x 47.5W x 4D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Renaissance Carved Walnut Wall Mirror is evidence of a wood sculptor's superior talent!  Rendered from finely grained sumptuous walnut, the frame is carved all around, with shell within a scrolled crest centered at the top, and a complementary shell centered on the bottom, so much so that one can consider mounting the mirror sideways if so desired.  The original beveled mirror is in impeccable condition, thanks to the protective paneling installed on the back side, and the fact it has remained in the same home for over a century.  Immediately adjacent to the bevel of the mirror is an elongated egg pattern trim, accented with subtle Greek coin between the eggs, and acanthus fronds on each corner.  But the real magic is the framework that surrounds that trim work.  Exquisitely sculpted foliate scrollwork appears in abundance completely surrounding the mirror, with the aforementioned shells centered at the top and bottom, with complementary shells centered on each side as well.  The stunning scrolled foliate designs emanate outwards from the centered shells on every side, and are pierce-carved completely through so one can just see the wall through the carvings.  The frame is also designed to project outwards from the wall for a stunning three dimensional effect, creating a singular visual appeal.
Circa 1880s
Measures 62H x 47.5W x 4D

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