19th Century Italian Hand-Carved Giltwood Mantel Mirror

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52H x 39W x 2D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Italian Hand-Carved Giltwood Mantel Mirror represents a stunning work of the wood sculptor's art!  The entire frame is hand-carved completely through making it appear to float above the wall.  Depicting a lively interpretation of acanthus fronds intertwined with small floral bouquets, the frame is the same design and scale all the way around so the mirror can be oriented vertically or horizontally as your needs may dictate.  The artistry with which the motifs are executed is truly remarkable, powerfully enhanced by the gilded finish which has achieved a lovely patina over the past century.  Note a spiral ribbon bordering just inside the main frame motif, immediately adjacent to the mirror which boasts its original silvering, evidenced by the silver degradation that makes it even more appealing!
Circa 1890s
Measures 52H x 39W x 2D (or 39H x 52W if hung horizontally)